VGR Schedule

Programmes from time to time will change - check with our Facebook page


(times may vary)

20:00 Sounds of the 80s (LIVE) with Mark

22:00 Hotdisc Top 30 with Stuart Cameron.

00::00 After Hours with Fred Setters.

01:00 Rock Show with Skellie (rep)

02:00 Classic FML/VGR from the vaults Classic FML/VGR from the vaults



(times may vary)

20:00 Sounds of the 50s & 60s LIVE

22:00 33,45,78 with Steve Fruitman : Talk is cheap

00:00 Nick Prince : Movie Madness

02;00 Vintage Gold Classics with Bob Francis.



21:30 Sounds of the 70s (LIVE)
23:30 Sounds of Scotland with Andy Mack.
01:30 best of the best with Marc Platt


15:00 Greatest hits of music

17:00 Fred Setters Electric City

18:00 Sounds of Scotland with Andy Mack.

20:00 Fred Setters Seventies show

21:00 Radio Candy

22:00 Unsigned Showcase (NEW episode)

*********** VGR Club Zone *********

23:00 Al Bird's Ballroom Records Radio Show.

01:00 DMix.

02:00 Club Edition.

03:00 Mondo - Gravity Radio

04:00 Alan Rowett - Rock Show


19:00 Pick n Mix (live with Mark)
22:00 Cool Nights Jazz with Steve Hart.
01:30 Staffords World


09:00 Radio FML/VGR Specials

*12:00 Stuart Cameron 70s Show

*13:00 Dancing through the decades with Fred Setters

*15:00 Greatest hits of music

*17:00 The wild Bill radio Show

20:00 Saturday Request Show (LIVE) *

22:30 Radio Candy with Marc Platt

23:30 Unsigned Showcase

00:30 Staffords World (new episode)

02:30 Steve Fruitman 33,45,78 Show

(*) show times may vary during the day



07:00 Greatest hits of Music.

09:00 The Wild Bill show

12:00 Hotdisc Top 30

14:00 Seventies Show with Fred Setters

15:00 Sounds of scotland

17:00 The Love Zone (Rec or Live)

19:00 The sunday evening show (LIVE)

21:30 Movie Madness with Nick Prince.

23:30 Solid Gold Country with Chris Young.

Staffords World Show

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